New Testimonial

You know with people coming and going and life moving ever so fast, I always manage at some point during my day to take the time to stop, and to listen and watch to your daily replay of the day or pause for peace.  For me it's my zen, it brings me inner peace, inner calm, it brings me back to my center and allows me to take that breath I so desperately need after a day of being in constant motion.  I try to sincerely be mindful when I do the meditation along with you.

You know Donna, as I see it, our true place on this planet lies not not in the past nor in our future. Our place on this planet lies in the right here and now. Life is availed to us right here and now, and we all must try to embrace and appreciate every moment we can, because the truth of the matter is:  tomorrow is not promised to anyone. 

In this circle of love you create in your broadcasts, I see us trying to be mindful, and in being mindful, it creates this energyforce that allows to be fully aware of those conditions of happiness in our minds' eye that are in all actuality already present in our own lives. We do not have to wait for years down the road to experience happiness, it's present in every breath we take, it's present in every moment of our daily life. You Donna,  add to this gift of happiness. 

When I inhale peace and exhale love, I breathe outward happiness to everyone around me in addition to this peace and love. I love the fluidity that I am giving as well as receiving.  It's a true energy that flows in a figure eight.  It's truly amazing! 

You know it's funny Donna, there are many people who are alive, I mean truly alive yet, they don't realize it!  When you breathe in as you have taught us and do teach us to do, and we are aware of your in-breath, to breath in with peace, you touch this miracle of being alive. It's such an incredible feeling! That is why being mindful is such a beautiful source of happiness and joy.  

Donna, you have opened up a world of inner joy for so many of us who have been consistently been watching and following you since you began on Periscope. You have created a group of harmony, serenity and overall spacial happiness. I, being one of your viewers, (although I do not come into the actual periscope as often as I would like), do watch your replays every single day whether I am signed into watch them or not, and am forever grateful for the effect your broadcasts and your meditations have had on my soul and my health. Furthermore, I am that much more enriched on many a level for watching them.  You are a gift of love to the world!  

With this said, I wish to express my humble gratitude for you being a most important part of the Periscope community and I want to simply say thank you for time, and all you share with us. _MK from NY, NY