Donna Melanson ERYT 500, RYPT, RYCT, YACEP, RYS 200

I have formally been trained in Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Pranayama, Vedic Thai Yoga, Prenatal and Childrens Yoga.   I’m not sure you can say I have any one speciality as my teaching has become, a blend of all my teachers.

I first came to yoga when I was around around ten years old. My mother took me to a community center for a series of classes. I specifically remember doing the sun salutations and shavasana where the yoga teacher had us moving and breathing and then instructed us to relax different parts of our bodies moving from our heads to our toes. I loved it, but it would be a decade later before I took another class. This time it would be a Yin class and I hated it. At that time in my life there was no way I could sit still, I needed more of a Power Yoga class where I could really let out some steam. But isn't that like all of us. At different times in our lives, or maybe just because of our preferences, we need different types of yoga.

It would be another decade later when I started hearing in my head the recurring chant of Yoga, Yoga, Yoga, almost as if I was chanting Toga like they did in the 1970’s classic movie Animal House. The chant haunted me and I must of said it out loud a time or two because a friend bought me a 30 min VHS Gentle Yoga tape, and a very thick and short foam cushioned mat for my 5’8″ body to practice on. I started practicing every morning, with my feet hanging off the mat, after, I would sit up to meditate. Because I felt a calm and a peace that I hadn't felt for a very long time. It was so easy to “just be” in that moment, So I did “just be” I sat there just as I was, content, and at peace at a time when things were falling apart around me.  I was happy, and hooked, and never stopped practicing.

I will forever be a student of this beautiful practice called Yoga, and now know that their are many styles of yoga for whatever stage of life that we are in, or for whatever we need in this moment and time. I will continue to share what I’ve learned through my teaching; through the writings on my blog, and through the inspiring sunrise views and vast horizons that surround us all, that we get to see every morning live on

Please join our community of beautiful souls from all over the world, as we breathe in deeply and are reminded of our infinite connection to the universe.

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With Gratitude and Love, Donna