Pausing for Peace

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Sunrise Beach Yoga & Meditation

Peace Ambassadors Wanted!

Please join our community growing community of 50,000 beautiful souls from all over the world who come together daily to practice Peace.  Because, simply, what we practice we get more of... peace for our body, mind, soul, world.

 Haven't used Periscope before? Don't worry, it's easy! You can join in to my daily sunrise beach yoga sessions. Watch live or watch the recordings. 

Help grow our community! 

Please know that this contribution sincerely matters in more ways then simply buying more tools and equipment, but to help make a difference in the world. The results of the purchases allow us to reach farther. To expand our connections to each other. To promote peace within each and every being, which in turn helps spreads peace around the world. 

Thank you for continuing to make positive contributions to this world.