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50,000 followers from all over the world tune into Donna Melanson’s daily LIVE broadcast on the beach at sunrise on Her intention is to spread peace and compassion, starting with the self.

Do you want to make a difference in the world? I do, and I know you do too - Join me in our forth year -Help me - Help you, help the world!   With our daily practice of peace, because everyday, I AM HERE, and I’m not just physically here I try to be here with every sense of my being.  I’m here to inspire us, to ground us, to connect with other beautiful souls from all over the world; to lead us to peace for our body, mind, soul, for the benefit of all.

I Imagine us connected under this great big beautiful Azul sky, with this one sun that shines down on all of us. Global Citizens of the World -  where we all matter! The world needs us to be the best versions of ourselves in our own beautiful unique way. Because when we elevate ourselves we elevate everyone around us. That’s what yoga is about. The union of the body, mind, and soul, that allows us to tap into our essential nature, becoming the effortless being of our best self, in whatever form that looks like.

The first yoga sutra states that yoga begins now, in this moment, and then in this moment... with the awareness that you are living in this moment, and not a future or past moment. In pausing for peace our awareness expands, our minds become clear with insight, and understanding of our connection to all things. 

We practice peace daily, because we know that you get more of what you practice - Let the daily sunrise broadcast be your reminder, wherever you are in the world, that they time is now to live in this effortless way of being, with purpose, joy, and passion. In whatever way that is authentic to you. Remembering that your not only doing it for yourself, but you do it to help elevate those around you, which in turn helps the world, in every small and large interaction throughout the day!

Remember you matter - Rise up!  

Help me, Help you, Help the world!

Your one time or recurring donation allows for the continuation of this endeavor.  Lets keep going and growing!

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