Yoga Retreat - Carlsbad California - September 2018

We're so excited to be offering this special yoga retreat at the Carlsbad Beach Resort, in the peaceful seaside village of Carlsbad California. 

Check out the retreat information here, and hurry because we have special pricing on the first 10 rooms - YAY! It's going to be fabulous! I mean who can beat a meditation on the the beach as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Hanging with like minded individuals around the outdoor fire pit. Practicing yoga as we listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean. Beach walks, and strolling the quaint village shops of Carlsbad.

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Azul Yoga Meditation on YouTube

Sooo I was trying to share with you my YouTube channel and/or a YouTube video that I posted today and this is what I got. The two above links. Yes my site will allow me to share videos and embed but it's not working for me today.  I am a Yogi and my tech skills on some days seem limited. But I must listen to my own advice, what I tell my students is, that some days the best you can do is simply show up. So this is me showing up for you.

Enjoy the meditations I'm posting. They really are better than a coffee break, even with the comic relief of tractors going by at precisely the moment I'm guiding you to peace. It's LIVE, it's real, and it's free.  

Free Yoga via Periscope Sunrise on the Beach

If you've been missing it, join our periscope community, become a Peace Ambassador. Practice a little yoga and meditation LIVE daily on the beach via periscope. Cultivate Peace within so that you too can share it with the world.

Todays Broadcast!

December pdf now online!

If you're new to me and my website, then you don't know that I teach a free gentle yoga class every morning at sunrise on the beach. (starting somewhere between 6:30 - 7:30am EST. The time changes a little everyday as the sunrise time changes a little everyday.) You can watch it live or you can watch the rebroadcast at . To find the FREE pdf, go to the top of the page click on Sunrise Beach Yoga, and on the right side half way way down the page, you'll see a place where you can enter your email address and the pdf will be sent to you. -Hope you enjoy! Peace Peace Peace

On a side note if you found me because you want to learn how to be a periscope broadcaster your in luck. I've just created a course and it should be online this week.

I'm transitioning to all of my classes going on line so stay tuned for more information on that.

Yoga Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education will become available in 2017.

The year is ending great and I think 2017 will be even better! Thank you for all your support during this past year, I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Abundant Blessings, with love and respect,



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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new website. Thank you for being a part of this process, as It's still a work in progress. I'm creating a testimonial page, so if you have something nice to share about me with others, I would really appreciate it if you sent it to me, so that I may put it on this page.

Please send to my new email address ;)

Have a great day - And, THANK YOU!   

Love, Donna

Retreat Registration Closing Soon!

You know you want to feel the bliss and peace of being at the beach at sunrise. To hear the sounds of the waves caressing the shore. To breathe in the salt air. Taking time to nurture yourself, in yoga, meditation, and healthful living. We will not only be with the yang energy of the sun, but the yin energy of the full moon. Cultivating peace and clarity within for the coming year.

For more information contact Donna at

Act now registration is closing soon!